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Taxi in Cyprus

Taxi in Cyprus will allow you to get to desired point in the shortest possible time.

There is no railway service in the republic, which forces travel by public transport. Person who first arrived here is rather difficult to navigate, so a trip in a separate car will be the best way out. Order a taxi in Cyprus will not be as a problem.

Why is it worst choosing a taxi in Cyprus?

Transfer in Cyprus is one of the easiest and most comfortable way to get to needed place. You can book trips from airport and back, as well as travel around the country. We care about customers, so we offer a high level service:

  • Transportation of passengers is carried on large clean cars, equipped with air conditioning and modern navigation systems.
  • Driver’s arrival to destination by a certain agreed time without late or delays.
  • Work around the clock.
  • Affordable price.
  • Useful stories about important and obligatory places to visit and sights.

Drivers who carry out the transportation speak Russian, which allows you to communicate freely and receive all necessary information. They will arrive on time, help with luggage if any need.

In which cases taxi in Cyprus can be ordered?

It is very important for travelers not to get lost when searching for a booked hotel or another pre-selected place of residence. In this case, it will be preferable to transfer to Cyprus – it will allow you to get to destination point quickly and easily from the airport without spending extra money. You should also choose our service in such cases:

  • a trip on group or individual excursions;
  • need for a business trip;
  • visit to the city center.

Public transport in the republic is inconvenient – it stops to work after 23.00, and in some situations it becomes necessary to get to the hotel after this time (for example, a night flight, flight delay). Order a taxi in Cyprus can be in such cases’ event. The driver will wait for customers at airport’s entrance as long as necessary.

It is not recommended to contact with unchecked carriers – they often transfer orders to other companies, have no insurance and do not provide security guarantees. Street taxi in Cyprus has its own minus – a driver who sees a tourist can specifically “reel up mileage” to increase payment.