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Taxi at Larnaca airport

Taxi at Larnaca airport is the most convenient way for the first-time tourist to get to right place.

Public transport goes not too often and not to all cities, and after 23.00 it stops running at all. Also, some travelers who got into the country not for the first time think about an independent trip on a separate car. This method can be dangerous for those who have never encountered left-hand traffic.

Transfer from Larnaca airport will eliminate from waiting a bus for a long time or arrange a car rental. The driver will arrive at stipulated time and take passenger to the set point.

Why is taxi at Larnaca airport worst to be ordered

Compared to public transport, transfer from Larnaca Airport has the following advantages:

  • There is no need to spend a lot of time at the airport – the car will wait for client during the day and at night, as well as during flight delays.
  • Quick arrival to destination – driver will not pick up other passengers along the way, and modern navigators are installed in all vehicles.
  • Convenience and comfort – all cars are equipped with air conditioning systems, and driver, who speaks Russian, can take a short tour.

The buses also have one indisputable minus – they pick up and drop people off strictly at bus stops that can be far enough away from the hotel. In this case, it is necessary to overcome a rather large distance on foot. The disadvantage of street taxis is the lack of navigators, which can lead to an increase in travel time, as well as the unscrupulousness of the driver, who is able to specifically carry a confusing road to increase mileage.

Where to order a taxi at Larnaca airport?

Millioneris provides transfer from Larnaca airport on the most favorable terms. It is necessary to highlight the following advantages:

  • drivers’ punctuality;
  • variety of new cars;
  • nice price;
  • passenger’s waiting, if needed;
  • work around the clock 24/7.

We take care about customers, so we provide top-level services. Advanced drivers with years of experience will not only quickly and safely deliver to your chosen location, but also tell interesting things about Cyprus and its sights, help you to carry your luggage.