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Individual tours in Cyprus

Individual tours in Cyprus are a great opportunity to get acquainted with country’s culture, see the sights, interesting to tourists.

Such tour has many advantages compared to group trips, because the program’s preparation takes into account people’s wishes and interests.

One of the easiest ways to see culture and architecture sights is to arm yourself with a map and take a trip. In this case, you want not only to see interesting places, but also to get acquainted with their history. For this reason, it is worthwhile to give preference to the trip with a professional guide – after all, he knows main amazing facts about each relic.

The main advantages of individual tours in Cyprus

Many people, arrived on the island, are trying to find options to spend minimum money. There is an opinion that group excursions have practically no differences from ones organized specifically for tourists, because the guide will tell the same thing. It should be noted that individual tours in Cyprus have a number of undisputable advantages:

  • Obtaining needed information. When there are many people at the bus who want to ask questions, it is difficult to hear the information needed by tourist. If there are few travelers, the guide can pay attention to everyone.
  • Save time and nerves. Group trips are inconvenient because everyone moves at their own pace, but time for sightseeing is limited. A private guide will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sights at a comfortable pace, without hurrying and delays.
  • Ability to change the route. You can refuse to visit places that you are not interested in, and add more curious ones.

Also a weighty argument in favor of individual trips – the journey takes place in a comfortable individual car, where you can feel yourself as comfortable as possible.

Where to order individual tours in Cyprus?

Millioneris guides conduct excursions to all island’s interesting places. Tourists are taken by the car at a defined time from a specified point, which is very convenient. It is necessary to pay attention to the following individual travel’s advantages:

  • no delays;
  • nice price;
  • comfortable transport with air conditioning.

We care about customers, so we provide all services at the highest level. After such excursions, tourists will be able to learn a lot of facts about the country and just enjoy the trip.