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Delivery of documents between offices in Cyprus

Delivery of documents between offices in Cyprus will allow companies’ managers quickly transfer the necessary papers without worrying about their safety.

Now employees do not need to travel on uncomfortable public transport and stand in traffic jams – just order the service, pack the documentation and hand it over to the courier.

Delivery of documents between offices in Cyprus: main advantages

It is worth paying attention to the following service’s main advantages:

  • High speed of paper transfer. No need to spend time waiting for transport for those who do not have a personal car, as well as driving through the streets filled with cars. If there is no private car, you can avoid the time spent on transfer between buses.
  • Saving money. If the employee delivers the documents in a private car, he needs to be compensated for the cost of gasoline. The recipient’s office may be located far from the place of dispatch; therefore, quite large financial losses are possible.
  • Reliability. Employees sign for acceptance of documents, and after delivery the recipient also leaves a confirmation. In this case, the counterparty will not be able to claim that he has not seen provided papers.

Report and forms’ provision with all necessary signatures testifies to the task’s implementation. Also, needed information can be clarified by calling.

Where to order delivery of documents between offices in Cyprus?

Millioneris carries out papers transportation and delivery by own transport in the shortest possible time. It should be noted following advantages of ordering services:

  • possibility to take papers in the early morning and late evening;
  • delivery takes place on any day of the week;
  • sending and receiving according to the “from hand to hand” principle without intermediaries, which is more reliable;
  • package insurance – if papers are not delivered to the recipient, the company pays their full declared value.

We are responsible for all received packages of documents, so you can not worry about the fact that for any reason they will not fall into recipient’s hands. In case of terms violation, regardless of the factors that influenced this, monetary compensation is also paid to the client.

The user can choose both regular and urgent delivery. In the first case, cost will be lower than in the second. The total price depends on the destination’s distance.